Scion 10th Series Celebrates 10 Years Of Cool

Toyota has been releasing Scion models for the past ten years. That’s ten years of producing some of the most innovative, affordable and customizable automobiles that young drivers seem to love. As a way to celebrate their decade of success, Toyota is releasing the Scion 10th series, an automobile that promises to be the king of all Scions.


Not-So Ancient History

The very first Scion model was released back in 2003 with the xB, a box-shaped wonder that appealed to younger drivers who wanted something that was safe, affordable and could be customized to fit their personal preferences and individual personalities. While many might not realize it, it was the xB that first started the trend of urban box-shaped automobiles. The second generation xB was unveiled in 2007 and lost a bit of the original box shape and was a bit larger.

The tC is a sport compact car that was first debuted in 2004 and the second generation tC was released in 2010. The second generation had the same spacious interior, all-glass roofing and hatchback design as the first and included 18-inch wheels, a wider track, a finely tuned electric power steering system and stability control.

The FR-S is the latest model, released in 2012, and was part of Toyota’s 86 series. The FR-S was unique from other models in the series since it lacked trim level.

To the 10th Power

The 10th Series is a limited edition series of Scion cars that will come complete with the features that represent the very best of the Scion series. The 10th Series has a special silver paint, a top-of-the-line touch screen audio system, exterior badges that light up, an individually numbered badge on the inside of the car and an impressive solar-powered illuminating shift knob.

Five of a Kind

The 10th series will consist of five individual models that have their very on individual features that best represent that particular model’s personality. The 10th series xB, xD and iQ will have their very own special set of 16-inch graphite wheels in addition to a jackknife key. Lovers of the tC model will enjoy 18-inch alloy finish wheels, projector-beam headlights, solar-powered illuminating shift knob, matching stitching over the steering wheel and seats and body colored side skirts. The FR-S model has a push start button, dual-zone climate control, 17-inch wheels, Xenon powered headlamps and a frameless rearview mirror. As a way for motorists and enthusiasts to enjoy the cutting edge sound system, there will also be a special music release by established as well as up-and-coming artists.

Customize Your Ride

One of the things that make Scions so unique and popular is that they can be outfitted with a number of customizations. If you want to improve the fuel efficiency on your tC, think about adding brand new spoilers and look into getting larger tires if you want to have better handling on your vehicle. Other customizations include air filter for improved air flow, steel dual exhaust for a deep grumble to your engine and rear spoilers that will limit how much lift your car will have so that you’ll enjoy better handling.

While you might not want to customize the Scion 10th series, it’s still nice to know that you have the option. Even though there will only be 10,000 10th series automobiles released, you can still add a few personal touches of your own so that your vehicle looks that much more unique.

Toyota has done an excellent job creating a long-lasting, impressive and appealing line of cars. One can’t help but wonder what other ideas they have for car enthusiasts in the years to come after the 10th series has been unleashed on the public. It’s sure to be just as iconic as their current line of eye-catching vehicles.

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