BMW M4 Concept

The Concept M4 Coupe previews the upcoming production model and it seems the ideal incarnation of BMW’s M philosophy.
It is going to debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and it is going to be the precursor to the production model. Its color is definitely a unique one, “Aurum Dust”, and it proves once again that BMW is an important name when it comes to vehicles.

BMW M4 Concept

Unfortunately even if they presented the exterior of the car with so much pride, and they managed to surprise everybody with that incredible color, BMW refuses to reveal what’s going on under the hood. Apparently the car is going to use either a twin or a triple turbo charged 3.2 liter straight six rated which is going to produce 450 horse power and 405 lb-ft of torque. It is definitely very impressive and everybody is extremely curious to find out even more exciting details about this car which is going to have some incredible features, not only an outstanding aspect.

The design follows function and it is focused on power, handling and control. The front of the car is improved with new designed round headlamps which have a very sport aspect and another interesting detail is the double bar kidney grille. The car also has a carbon fiber front splitter, power dome hood and even three large air intakes.

The 20 inch alloys are housed by typical muscular wheel arches and the side profile is dominated by redesigned M gill and CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) roof. The sculpted rear end also includes a trunk lid spoiler, carbon fiber twin tailpipes, optical air vents and even rear diffuser.

BMW M4 Concept-1


BMW M4 Concept-2


BMW M4 Concept-3


BMW M4 Concept-4


BMW M4 Concept-5


BMW M4 Concept-6

Even if we do not know a lot of thing about the technical features of this car we are completely sure that they are going to be as amazing as its design. The car is definitely extremely expected and everybody is anxious to see how it looks like. We do not know when the production will start or when the car is going to be on the market. One thing is for sure, BMW is one of the most important carmakers in the world and the quality of their cars is well known by all drivers.

This car is going to be no less than what they usually create and they never disappointed their loyal customers until now, and something tells us that they will not do it in the future either.

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